Building a fully
Engaged, Happier,


Acheive amazing results like:

Enhance Employee Productivity

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Create a caring environment

Reduce High Turnover rates

Increase Employee Loyalty and morale

Attract the best employees


What we do

We work with passion and precision with companies of all sizes and industries to design and implement customized wellness programs

  • That supports your employees leading them towards achieving company goals
  • Based on scientifically proven studies in the field of health and wellness
  • Using innovative solutions
  • Compatible with local culture and international practices
  • Offered by certified skilled wellness experts

What we believe in

We are true believers that employees’ wellness is the top priority in a workplace.
We believe in the concept of holistic wellness and how it goes beyond physical health and extends to balance between all aspects of an individual's well-being, which leads to tangible positive results in all life aspects.


How we do it

Assessment to Identify Company needs

Design and selection of Wellness Programs

Launching of Wellness Program

Evaluation of Wellness Program


Our Services

We Provide our clients with a comprehensive and holistic approach in all our services that covers all 6 dimensions of wellness

iLean Workplace Wellness Services

Flexible plans tailored to your unique needs

Wellness oriented Interior design

Workplace Assessments

Organise Workshops and experts talks

Organise Awareness days

Inhouse Sport classes, yoga, meditation, TRE

Facilitate Support Groups

Tech. Wellness content

iLean Wellness consultations

We Provide One on one wellness consultations and coaching for your employees with leading certified experts online in our web App or onsite , like :

Physical Therapy & Ergonomics

Holistic Nutrition & Fitness

Health Coaching

Life Coaching

Financial Coaching

Family Counselling

Emotional Intelligence

and so much more..

Empowring your workforce to Thrive

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