Heba Sanousi

Heba Sanousi


Food Plans, Healthy Cooking And Food Preparation, Clinical Nutrition

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  • Clinical dietitian

  • Food Plans, Healthy Cooking And Food Preparation, Clinical Nutrition

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  • Saudi Arabia


Heba Sanousi is a Registered Dietitian obtained the bachelor degree in Nutrition and Food Science from King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2006. In addition, she completed the master degree in Applied Human Nutrition from the Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada, 2015. She is a Certified as a Specialist-Nutrition from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities.

Heba is a clinical dietitian, public speaker, and educator with thirteen years of experience in the medical nutrition therapy field. She has been providing nutritional counseling to all patients with different conditions. For instance; she is covering the burn, renal dialysis, Intesive Care Unit, pediatric, oncology and cardiology units. She works with a team of Bariatric Surgeons in Fakeeh care.  An expert and interested in bariatric surgeries, malnutrition, and eating disorders as well using the International proved guidelines such as ASPEN and ESPEN.

- All clinets will recieve a meal plan pattren as their nutritional requirements, and different instructios that can help in changing  eating habits and lifestyle.

- Nutrition consultation fees will be: SR 180 for 30 minutes, after 2 weeks, there will be a free follow up. 

- Nutrition consultation for Bariatric Surgery fees: SR 280. Client will be seen pre and post surgery, it include 1 session before surgery for 30 minutes, and 2 sessions after the surgery within 2 months.