Terms and Conditions of use

Updated at 20/1/2021


These Terms and Conditions of Use (“ Agreement ”) are a binding agreement between ilean (defined below) and User (defined below) in all respect to, relating to, and resulting from User’s access, entry, and use of the Services (defined below) provided on ilean Web Application.

User acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement will become effective when: (a) User clicks a button or selects “I accept” upon first accessing the Site (defined below) or any other arrangement made to document its acceptance; and/or (c) any other access or use of the Website by the User whether when logging into the Web Application or browsing it as a visitor.


The following terms shall have the meanings assigned to them as shown in the following when distinguished in bold in this agreement, and to clarify this without limitation ( the agreement, the site, ilean ...etc), and all references to the singular include the plural and to The indefinite includes knowledge and vice versa:

ilean: It means Wellness Pioneers Company for Information Technology, a Saudi limited liability company registered in the Commercial Register under No. (4030413557).

Agreement: means these ilean Web Application Terms and Conditions.

web app: Means ilean's web application system available on the Website and all or part of the Services available on it.

Services: All services provided by ilean on the website and web application are provided by service providers, whether by the service provider or by ilean , and whether they are paid or free of charge.

Connectivity: Any electronic link authorized by ilean between the Website Web Application and any other applications, sites, or services provided by a third party.

Minor: It means the definition assigned to it in this agreement.

Third-Party Content: It means the definition assigned to it in this agreement.

The user: Any person who accesses or uses the Website Web Application and/or Services . Whether he is an adult or a minor (according to the terms of this Agreement) accompanied by his parent and/or guardian.

User Post:  Any comment, note, suggestion and/or correspondence, whether written, audio or otherwise, from the User 's account via the Website.

ilean's secret information means: (a) all non-public information relating to iLean, ileans's affiliates business and technology partners, business plans, promotional and marketing activities, financial and other business matters; (b) all non-public information that has been disclosed by ilean, its affiliates, ilean business partners, employees, contractors, or designated agents as confidential or which, due to the nature of the information or the circumstances surrounding its disclosure, should be understood to be confidential; and (c) third party information that Eileen is obligated to keep confidential.

service provider: Any legal person registered through this website under an arrangement with ilean and approved by the relevant authorities in the Kingdom to conduct the required service work.

Intellectual property: means source codes, object codes, user interface designs, and functions, digital libraries, patents, utility models, invention rights, copyrights and related rights, moral rights, domain names, trademarks, trade names, service marks, and appearance commercial and industrial design rights, semiconductor topographical rights, database rights, trade secrets and all other intellectual property rights that are protected in any part of the world, whether registered or unregistered.

The kingdom: It means the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Service Appointments : It means the definition assigned to it in this agreement.

Website: It means the website that can be accessed through the following address: www.ILEANapp.comAll pages and applications affiliated with it - except for pages and applications of any third party - through which it is possible to browse the ilean Web Application and/or obtain the Services or part thereof.


Important notice: Our services do not include providing medical consultations

In no way is the information provided by the User on the Website intended to provide ilean with medical advice, medical care, medical treatment or otherwise of any medical services. The user must consult a doctor before starting or continuing to follow up on any of the services provided by ilean , including, but not limited to, a system or plan, whether nutritional or fitness.

We always advise the User to visit a physician or other qualified healthcare provider if the User has any questions regarding a medical condition, diet, nutritional supplement, exercise regimen, or any other matter relating to the User 's medical health. We also advise the user , if she is a pregnant woman, nursing mother, or individuals who suffer from any health condition, including but not limited to diabetes or any type of food allergy, to take an explicit approval from the doctor on any regime or plan, whether nutritional or fitness Suggested physique by ilean The user hereby acknowledges that the services provided by ilean are only intended for use by healthy adult individuals only.

Neither ilean nor its experts, partners or any of its affiliates shall be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or other damages or losses that may result from the user 's participation in the Services without consulting a physician, including but not limited to injury, illness or death God forbid.



The user must create an account in the web application by filling in the account creation form available on the website to request and obtain servicesThe user must also include his/her valid email address so that ilean can send the user verification codes for the purposes of verifying their account as well as any other important notifications related to any account activity. The user acknowledges his consent to the web application 's collection and use of his personal data - as specified in ilean 's privacy policy - which must be carefully reviewed, as the use of the website and/or services is deemed to be the user 's consent to it.

If the user changes his e-mail address at any time, he is responsible for updating his e-mail address data on the web application alone.

User Responsibilities

The user acknowledges and agrees that the following will be the user 's responsibility :

1. User 's account : The user will be responsible for all actions that take place under the user 's account regardless if the user himself or a third party performs these actions, and the user will also be responsible for updating all his personal information including but not limited to contact data. Neither ilean nor its affiliates will be liable in any way for any unauthorized access to a user's account . In the event that the User becomes aware of any breach of the obligations under this Agreement whether by unauthorized access to his account or due to another User, the User will immediately notify Eileen in writing and request to suspend the User's account temporarily if the change of the login password to the User's account is not accepted.

2. User participation: The user guarantees that his participation and use of the web application does not violate any applicable laws, does not violate public taste, and local customs, and ilean has the right at any time to delete a user's post if ilean deems it to be in violation of laws and/or public taste and/or customs and/ or local customs. The user is solely responsible for the content, participation and use of the user .

3. Account login information: The user is solely responsible for his user name and password after creating the user account User understands that this User Account Login Information is for the User 's personal use only and that User will not disclose, share, sell, transfer or sublicense it to any other person.

Parent or guardian permission

The User acknowledges and agrees that ilean requires that the User must be 18 years of age or older to create a User account and subscribe to the Services, and that those under 18 (" Minor ") are not entitled to use the Web Application and/or the Services without obtaining a guardian's permission The custodian or guardian who must accompany the minor when requesting and obtaining the Services, and Eileen shall have no liability whatsoever if any of the Users fail to comply with this Agreement

Third-Party Content

The Web Application may contain information, data, software, photographs, graphics, videos, graphics, sounds and other materials owned by a third party (collectively, “ Third Party Content ”). With regard to Third Party Content, it is based on and expresses the opinions of its owners only and in no way is the Third Party Content an expression of ilean , and the presentation of Third Party Content on the Website does not constitute ilean 's endorsement of its content or ilean 's endorsement of it.

Linking to third party websites

The Website contains features designed to connect to sites that may belong to third parties as an integral part of ilean , and the User agrees that such essential links will be part of the Services and within their fees unless otherwise stated in writing on the payment invoice. Although ilean will use its best reasonable efforts to maintain these features on an ongoing basis, ilean cannot guarantee that these features will continue to be available.


Booking, rescheduling and canceling services

To book services on the web application , the user chooses the service he wants and the service provider he wants to obtain services from, so that the user can then choose the date and time that suits him based on the dates and times available in the service providers schedule (“Service Appointment”) , with Note that the details of the services may differ from one service to another, including the duration of the service appointment and/or the possibility of rescheduling or not, and therefore we hope to review the details of the services well before choosing them.

Providing ilean ’s services and holding all service appointments is through visual communication, unless it is clarified otherwise in the details of service . The option to extend the service appointment when the time expires alert appears before the end of the service appointment, otherwise the video call will be automatically terminated at the end of the service period.

paying off

Currently , ilean provides the ability to pay for services through electronic payment methods available on the web application, knowing that the price of services appears on the website in the currency of Saudi riyals.

-All credit/debit card details and personally identifiable information will not be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third party..

-Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Saudi Arabia.

-Saudi Arabia is our country of domicile.

(www.ileanapp.com) will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of Saudi Arabia.

Reschedule the service

The user can request to reschedule the service appointment - with regard to the consultancy services that are provided individually to the user only - to two times only, provided that the request for rescheduling is submitted no less than (24) hours before the service appointment and that the new service appointment is chosen From the dates and times available when submitting a request to reschedule the service appointment. Note that some services - especially those that are provided collectively to a group of users such as the Programs service cannot be rescheduled.

The service appointment will also be rescheduled if (a) there are technical problems with ilean and/or the service provider that prevent the service provider from completing the services , and/or (b) the service provider fails to meet the service appointment for any circumstance, and the user must provide what This is proven within a period not exceeding (48) hours from the date of the service . The new service appointment is determined at the earliest available date for the service provider and within one month from the date of the original service appointment as a maximum.

Service Request Cancellation

The user can cancel the service request within seven (7) days from the date of completing the reservation of the service appointment only and minimum 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, before returning it to the user with the same payment method used by the user .

Temporary suspension of accounts

Without prejudice to any other right of ilean under this Agreement including the right to terminate, ilean shall have the right to temporarily suspend the User 's account , while retaining the right not to refund the fees for services paid if:

1.   User 's breach of this Agreement and/or any agreement posted on the Website and notified to User ;

2.   The user accesses or uses the Website and/or the Services in a manner that violates the local regulations in the Kingdom; or

3.   The user ’s failure to pay any fees owed to ilean and/or the service provider for a period exceeding (7) calendar days from the due date. ilean will raise the comment once the user has paid the amounts due in full.

4.   The user 's use of the Website in a manner that adversely affects or causes damage or trouble to ilean or the Website and/or ilean and/or any third party .

If the User 's account remains suspended, for any of the above reasons, for a period of not less than fifteen (15) calendar days, ilean will send a notice to the User explaining that in the event that the User does not take the necessary measures to address the reason for suspension in full, ilean shall be entitled to delete the User 's account permanently after the lapse of ten (10) additional calendar days without any liability on the part of ilean.

Intellectual property

The User acknowledges and agrees that all intellectual property rights in the Website and/or the Services are the exclusive property of ilean or are owned by a third party and are displayed by ilean with the authorization of that party. The User also acknowledges and agrees that ilean grants Users the right to access and/or use the Website and/or the Services only and that the User does not have any rights relating to and/or deriving from the Website and/or the Services other than as provided in this agreement.

User is not permitted to use, copy, modify, alter, reproduce, publish, display, distribute, store, transfer or commercially exploit any property related to ilean , including but not limited to intellectual property rights, without the prior written consent of ilean . The User also acknowledges that nothing in this Agreement is intended or may be understood that the User owns any right or license in and/or to any ilean Content , unless specifically provided for in this Agreement .


the majeure force

Neither ilean nor the User shall be deemed to be in default of his obligations under this Agreement or to have breached any of the provisions of this Agreement if the reason preventing him from performing those obligations is the occurrence of any force majeure event that arises after the date of the beginning of this Agreement . If either party considers that any event of force majeure has occurred and that the event may affect the performance of its obligations under this Agreement, it shall notify the other party in writing as soon as possible but not later than fourteen (14) business days from the commencement of such event.

Limitation of Liability

The user acknowledges that the information and/or documents of the service providers available on the web application are provided as is by the service providers and as provided to Eileen by the service providers.

Aileen and any of its affiliates will not be liable to the User for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, even if Aileen has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Neither ilean nor any of its affiliates will be liable for any compensation or refund of fees for any damages arising from User 's inability to use the Services, including - any damages as a result of any termination or suspension of some or all of this Agreement and/or User 's account and use and/or access to the Website and/or the Services or any unexpected or unplanned interruption of all or part of the Services for any reason, including but not limited to (a) the cost of purchasing alternative Services; (b) any investments, expenses or commitments by User in connection with this Agreement or User 's use of or access to the Services; and/or (c) any unauthorized access to, alteration, deletion, destruction, damage, loss or failure to store any User Content or other data relating to it. In no event shall ilean 's liability under this Agreement exceed the amount of the fee actually paid by User to ilean under this Agreement for the Site and/or the Services during the 12 months prior to the onset of liability.

Comments, notes and suggestions

ilean appreciates all user comments, feedback and suggestions about the website. By submitting user comments, feedback and/or suggestions to ilean via the WebsiteUser grants ilean and its affiliates permission to use, modify, copy, publish and distribute all user comments, feedback and suggestions on a permanent basis without any restrictions and/or conditions throughout the world without any consideration or compensation in any way.

In the event that the User does not wish to grant ilean the rights relating to such comments, notes and suggestions, he undertakes not to submit and/or send and/or publish comments, notes and suggestions on the Website.

discontinue use

If the User does not comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement or for any other reason, the User agrees to ilean 's right to discontinue the User 's use of the Website at ilean 's sole discretion , with ilean 's obligation to refund a portion of the service fee to the User after deduction for the services used and/or for The expiration of the user 's subscription term and termination of your access to the Website without prior notice.

keep confidential

The user must keep ilean 's confidential information strictly confidential and may not, without ilean 's prior written consent , use or disclose any of ilean 's confidential information -directly or indirectly- to any third party Except as follows with prior notice to ilean within a reasonable period of time for ilean to take appropriate action: (a) Confidential Information which is generally known to the public without any improper act and/or inaction by Users ; and/or (b) disclose parts of ilean ’s confidential information that is required to be disclosed by law and/or by a final court ruling and/or by order of the relevant competent authorities.

Applicable system and dispute resolution

This agreement is subject to the laws of the Kingdom. In the event of a dispute between the user and ilean , it must be resolved amicably within fifteen (15) days from the date of written notification provided by one of the parties to the other party in order to notify him of the existence of such a dispute, and if an amicable solution cannot be reached within a period of time. The fifteen days specified above, the dispute shall be referred to the competent court in the city of Jeddah.


All communications and notices required under this Agreement shall be in writing and will be deemed to have been duly given when provided by email when the sender receives a delivery/read receipt. All emails and notices sent to ilean must be sent to the following email address (info@ileanapp.com).

The User acknowledges that ilean will send communications necessary to provide the Services to the User , such as responding to a password reset request and/or customer support requests , etc., and the User cannot cancel the subscription to such communications.

The user acknowledges that it is solely the responsibility of the user to notify ilean of any change in the user 's address and contact information as soon as possible.

Comprehensiveness of the agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter. This Agreement supersedes and supersedes any prior agreements, representations, understandings or communications, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement .

No waiver of rights

If ilean or the User fails at any time to insist that the other party performs its obligations or representations contained in this Agreement , or if ilean or the User fails to exercise any of the rights or remedies conferred upon it by this Agreement , this shall not constitute a waiver of those rights or indemnities and does not relieve the other party from compliance with these obligations; The waiver of any default by ilean or the user shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent default.

nature of relationship

The User acknowledges that the relationship between ilean and the User is only that of providing services and that nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed that the relationship between ilean and the User is a relationship of partnership, agency, employment or representation.

dominant language

In the event of conflict or difference of meanings between the Arabic and English texts of this Agreement , the Arabic text shall prevail over the English text.

independence of clauses

If any term or provision of this Agreement becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any regulations applicable to this Agreement , such term or provision shall be deleted and this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions of this Agreement.


The User may not transfer any right under the terms of this Agreement and/or license to use the Services or allow any person or third party to access the Website in whole or in part without the prior written consent of ilean and any attempt to do so shall be null and void.

Amendment to the agreement

Without directly conflicting with any other terms outlined in other agreements or policies to which the User is subject, ilean reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time by posting a modified version on the Website or by notifying the User in accordance with the terms of communication under this Agreement.