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This Privacy Policy was updated on 19/1/2022.


Welcome to ilean's website.

The user's use and browsing of the Website and/or the Services is his acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the attachments contained therein, and his acknowledgment that he has the legal and legal capacity necessary to use the Website and/or the Services. If the User does not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, he must stop using this Website and/or the Services. If the User continues to use the Website and/or the Services, he implicitly agrees to be bound by all the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The following terms shall have the meanings assigned to them,  as shown in the following when distinguished in bold in the Privacy Policy, and to clarify this as an example (agreement, site, Aileen...etc), and all references to the singular include the plural and to The indefinite includes knowledge and vice versa:

iLean : It means Wellness Pioneers  Company for Information Technology, a Saudi limited liability company registered in the Commercial Register under No. (4030413557).

Agreement: Means the terms and conditions of use of the ilean Web Application.

Personal data: Any statement that would lead to the identification of the individual or make it possible to identify him directly or indirectly.

web app: This Means iLean's web application system available on the Website and all or part of the Services available on it.

Services: All services provided by ilean on the website and web application that are provided by service providers, whether by ilean's Service providers Or by ilean itself, whether paid or free.

Connectivity: Any electronic link authorized by ilean between the Web Application and any other applications, websites or services provided by a third party.

Privacy policy: means this ilean Web Application Privacy Policy.

the user: Any person who accesses or uses the Website, Web Application, and/or Services. Whether he is an adult or a minor (according to the terms of this Agreement) accompanied by his parent and/or guardian.

service provider : Any legal person registered through this website under an arrangement with ilean and approved by the relevant authorities in the Kingdom to conduct the required service work.

ilean Service Providers:

Any coach, specialist, consultant, or person who provides services on the Website to users.

The kingdom : It means the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

cookies: They mean text files or pieces of information that are stored on a user's computer or device when visiting a website.

website: It means the website that can be accessed through the following address: All pages and applications affiliated with it - except for pages and applications of any third party - through which it is possible to browse the ilean Web Application and/or obtain the Services or part thereof.

Personal Data Protection System: Personal Data Protection Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/19) dated 09/02/1443 AH


This Privacy Policy describes the method of collecting user data by ilean, and we advise you to read the privacy policy carefully, as the user consents to the collection and use of his data by the website in the manner provided in the privacy policy.

The purpose of data collection

ilean collects , saves, and/or processes data for the following purposes:

1. Providing services to users and communicating with them.

2. Improving the quality of the Website and/or Services.

3. Marketing the website and/or services.

4. Create public reports (anonymous) about the sector in which ilean works within, to benefit from and publish them.

Data collected

ilean collects the following personal data from the User, some of which may be collected even if you are not logged into the Website:

1. name, gender, and other identifying data;

2.  mobile number and email;

3. date of birth, height, weight, desired weight, daily activity level, purpose of service, medical conditions and address;

4. IP address your IP Address);

5. Information about the operating system on the user's computer such as: applications, language settings;

6. ilean and/or one of ilean's service providers may also collect information about user clicks, pages viewed, and movement patterns on the site.

Data collection method

ilean collects data while using the web application as follows:

1. When you use the services and tools available through the Website and/or the Services, such as searching for programs and specialists.

2. When a user installs ilean's applications and software on his or her device, data about the user and the device they are using may be collected.

3. When the user voluntarily submits information in survey forms, questionnaires, and the like.

4. When the User communicates with ilean through the Website and/or the Services, sends an e-mail to us or communicates with ilean by any means.

Saving data

ilean uses cloud servers to store its data from global service providers with international standards. Therefore, Aileen cannot control the geographical location of the servers in which the data is stored, as it is subject to change from time to time.

"All credit/debit cards details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties."

Data processing

Except as permitted by the Personal Data Protection Regulation, ilean processes personal data collected from the User in a variety of ways to achieve the purposes for which such personal data was collected per this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to arranging, coordinating or merging or interconnection.

Sharing data with service providers and associated applications

ilean may contract with other companies or individuals to provide certain services on the Website or perform tasks on its behalf, including but not limited to website designers, coaches, specialists and consultants, or link up with entities responsible for analyzing data, providing assistance, marketing or software tools, or providing results search. Accordingly, these users may have access to the data of users necessary to perform their functions, and that information - which is collected from the user directly or indirectly - when using the website is not shared with these service providers except to provide the user with services or improve their quality.

ilean Service Provider Data

ilean also collects the data of ilean 's service providers according to the information forms that are sent to them directly or through the forms available on the website, which may change from time to time, to provide highly efficient services to both ilean service providers and the user.

ilean shares the profile of ilean service providers with users to introduce the service provider, its experience, and the services it provides.

ilean saves the data of ilean's service providers on cloud servers and/or other storage spaces of ilean's team, knowing that all these means of preservation are provided by global service providers with global standards, and accordingly ilean cannot control the geographical location of the servers in which the data is stored, It is subject to change from time to time.

Any other agreement between ilean and ilean's service providers shall be taken into account and shall prevail over this Privacy Policy whenever there is a conflict between the two texts. Except that all provisions of this Privacy Policy apply to transactions between ilean and ilean's service providers.


ilean uses cookies to provide the user with a better experience when visiting the website, and the user agrees to ilean's use of these cookies and saves them on his device to be read by the website.

data destruction

ilean saves the data of users in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy, but ilean may also in some cases - according to the personal data protection system, destroy the data, including but not limited to:

1. Completion or fulfillment of the purpose for which the user data was collected in a manner that does not conflict with the personal data protection system. However, ilean may retain such data after removing the data that leads to the identification of the user through it.

2.The user requested that his data be destroyed in a manner that does not conflict with the personal data protection system and does not affect Aileen's provision of services to that user.

Rights of the owner of personal data

The user whose data was collected by iLean has the following rights in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Regulation:

1. The right to be informed: The user has the right to know the purpose of collecting his personal data, which is clarified in the terms of this privacy policy, and not to use this personal data by ilean in violation of these purposes, except in cases permitted by the personal data protection system.

2. The right of access: The user has the right to view the personal data collected from him and to obtain a copy of it in conformity with the record provided by ilean, within (30) days from the date of the last use of the website or obtaining services, whichever occurs the other.

3. The right to request a correction, update and completion: The user has the right to request a correction, update or completion of his personal data.

4. Right to destruction: Without prejudice to the personal data protection system, the user has the right to request the destruction of his personal data in accordance with the mechanism described in this privacy policy.

Privacy Guarantee

ilean undertakes not to sell, rent or share personal data of the User without his consent to any third party except as provided in this Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Regulation.

Disclosure of data

ilean undertakes after disclosing user data except in the following cases and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law:

1. obtaining the consent of the user of the personal data;

2. if the personal data is collected from another publicly available source;

3. If the entity requesting disclosure is a governmental entity, for security purposes, or to implement another system, or to fulfill judicial requirements;

4. If the disclosure is necessary to protect public health or safety or to protect the life or health of a particular individual or individuals. The regulations specify the controls and procedures related to this.

5. If the disclosure will be limited to processing the personal data disclosed in a manner that does not lead to the identification of the user or any other person specifically.

The limits of our responsibility

ilean will do its best to protect the personal data of users, however, transmission and operations that take place through the Internet cannot be completely secure, and accordingly, the user's use of the web application is an acknowledgment and consent from him that ilean will not bear any responsibility for disclosing your information due to Errors of any party in the transmission or operations or unauthorized acts of any third party.

Modify the privacy policy

ilean reserves the right to change or update this privacy policy at any time, and such changes shall be effective immediately upon being placed on the Website. This shall be deemed to notify Users of such changes and the continued use of the Web Application by the User shall constitute the User's acceptance of such modifications.


Users may contact ilean regarding any of the rights or the content of this Privacy Policy by email (