Khetam Almuwallad

Khetam Almuwallad

Nutrition, Coaching

Health Education And Public Health, Health Coaching

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  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Metabolism, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • Health Education And Public Health, Health Coaching

  • English, Arabic

  • Saudi Arabia


Holding a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Long Island University – Post, USA.


Certified as a senior clinical dietitian from the Saudi commission for Health Sciences.


Certified as an integrative nutrition health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, USA.


Holding other certifications specialized in gut health, integrative health, stress management, and improving the quality of life.


My coaching sessions provided through this platform are presented with all care to those who live in a vicious circle of stress and unsatisfied food choices. Because of my belief in the strong relationship between the gut health and mental health, I have harnessed my experience and all my information and skills to guide these people during this exceptional journey, and to help them restore the harmony between the digestive system and the nervous system, through the following:


* Listening to the body to identify the nutritional and psychological factors that led to the loss of harmony between the nervous and digestive systems.

* Help discover personal strengths and exploit them in overcoming those impulses and to acquire a more resilient personality in the face of challenges, become happier, and certainly healthier and fit.

* Assistance in discovering long-term sustainable solutions to deal with all emotional pressures.

* Adopt dietary patterns that suit your lifestyle and food choices.


Currently: I offer my coaching sessions in Arabic, English and Spanish.


Note: Please do not select the appointment date on the same day as the booking as it may be canceled or postponed.


- If you have any questions before booking your session, do not hesitate to contact me through WhatsApp at +966 558056418