Yousef ِElkhereiji

Yousef ِElkhereiji

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Self Discovery, Health Coaching, Life Coaching

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  • Self Discovery, Health Coaching, Life Coaching

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If you could RE-ENERGIZE your life, would you?

Through obtaining a holistic, healthy lifestyle, I help you be the healthiest version of yourself.

As an Integrative Nutrition health coach, I promote ENERGY through a well-balanced lifestyle. It is my goal to help you make MINDFUL Decisions despite any obstacles you may face and EAT better, without feeling deprived or dieting.

I help busy moms Re-Energize their busy lifestyles.

In the holistic health coaching program, We will cover:

1-free Initial Health Discovery call (60-minutes ).

2-Primary and secondary foods( lifestyle and dietary nutrition).

3-Each program is unique to each client and their goals.

4-Two one-hour sessions each for three months( total 6 sessions)

5-Scheduling each session for the same day and time (flexible to change).

6- The Sessions will be conducted through the phone or virtually ( zoom sessions)

7-Each session will include a discussion on the client’s progress and 1-3 recommendations.

8- A variety of handouts, recipes, books, and other materials.

9-During a session, my role as a Coach is to ask open-ended questions, listen, and reflect back on what I hear.

10-The recommendations given will encourage you to take small steps toward your goals.

11-Additional program offerings: Health Food store tours and pantry makeovers.

12- Additional support: 30-minute zoom session, messaging and email support between sessions to share a success or have enquires. 

13-Optional: session notes: a client will receive a summary within 1 to 2 days of the session discussion and recommendations to track the successes and challenges.

14-Circle of life: this tool is used to open a discussion around primary food and goal setting. We will apply this tool during our first, third, and final session to track progress throughout the program. 

15-Goals form: list of one-two-three month goals, will be sent for you to fill out before our first session.